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Through age, illness or accident, people can lose their capacity to understand the nature and consequences of proposed medical. Health care decisions then fall to families, friends and physicians who may not be aware of your wishes. The Let Me Decide Advance Care Directive program lets you plan your own future healthcare in advance. It makes sure your wishes will be known, should there come a time when you can no longer understand your options or communicate your choices to others. Developed over many years of research and consultation, the 'Let Me Decide' advance care directive 

  • Gives each individual the opportunity to choose different levels of treatment according to his or her own wishes.
  • Helps relieve family and friends of responsibility for decisions in times of crisis.
  • Guides health care practitioners in making vital decisions when family members are unavailable.
  • Has received enthusiastic support from a wide range of individuals and groups, including doctors, patients, nurses, solicitors, clergy, and advocates for the elderly and the disabled.