The Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation at University College Cork is delighted to announce a collaboration with Home Instead Senior Care. We met with Michael Wright and his team to plan and carry out a research project. We are linking with Home Instead in this research project to examine how we can educate Home Instead clients about the Let Me Decide Advance Care Directive. This provides Home Instead clients an opportunity to discuss with their families, family doctor and health care provider their health care wishes if they have the capacity to make health and personal care decisions.


Home Instead’s mission is to enhance the lives of older adults and their families. It is this mission that I believe creates an environment for a perfect collaboration with our work.


Home Instead are constantly trying to maximise the care they provide as evidenced by the publication of their Senior Citizen Guidebook series that promotes planning and decision making around important issues faced by older adults. It is clear that Home Instead offer the highest quality care services to citizens across the country.


Survey after survey shows that older people want to put their affairs in order and keep control over their health as long as possible. This ensures that their families are free from burdensome bureaucracy or decision making, if they suffer ill health and are not in a position to make decisions themselves.


Over the last 30 years, I have developed a simple, easy to understand program called “Let Me Decide” that assists older adults discuss and plan with their families their wishes in the event they become critically ill. Let Me Decide enables older adults to take control and record their wishes regarding health and personal care for a future time, in the event that they are unable to speak for themselves.


The collaboration with Home Instead will allow this program to be available to all Home Instead clients. This is a fantastic opportunity for Home Instead clients to keep control over their health as long as possible and I am immensely proud of our collaboration with such a highly regarded care provider.



Prof. D.W. Molloy