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The Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination is a fundamental component in the Let Me Decide program but can also be used as a stand alone tool to measure cognition in the elderly. It is licensed all over the world and is available in several languages, 

The SMMSE provides clear, unequivocal guidelines for administration and scoring of the Mini Mental state Examination (MMSE). The SMMSE takes less time to administer than the MMSE and has significantly reduced the inter rater variability of the MMSE. The intrarater variability is significantly lower with the SMMSE (86%, P<0.003) compared to the MMSE, and the interrater variance is 76% lower than the MMSE.

Intraclass correlation for the MMSE was 0.69 compared to 0.90 for the SMMSE. The mean duration of assessments was 13.4 minutes for the MMSE, compared to 10.5 minutes for the SMMSE (p<0.004).

Key Benefits

  • SMMSE takes less time to administer than the MMSE
  • SMMSE has statistically significant improved reliability compared to  the MMSE
  • SMMSE has clear administration and scoring guidelines
  • Administration and scoring of the SMMSE is easy to learn and easy to use
  • Licensed all over the world.
  • Clear and easy licensing terms, duration of license is optional.
  • Simple cancellation conditions with ten days notice with full refund if required.
  • The inter-rater variance of the SMMSE was reduced by 86% compared to the MMSE
  • The intraclass correlation for the Mini-Mental State was 0.69 compared to 0.90 for the SMMSE